We launched new e-learning platform - Callidus Academy

The project started in the middle of last year, and today we are pleased to present our new distance learning platform - Callidus Academy

We launched new e-learning platform - Callidus Academy

We launched our first online e-learning platform 4 years ago. At that time, we were among the first educational institutions to introduce the concept of the so-called blended learning . This concept is a combination of distance learning and classic lectures that take place in our Institute in Zagreb. We believe this concept combines the best qualities; the comfort and flexibility of distance learning in which each participant can choose their own pace of learning, with classic lectures that are a unique opportunity to discuss what has been learned in a dynamic group discussion in the classroom.

This concept of distance learning is especially useful for many of our students who have a career, are employed or employed parents. Distance learning has enabled such participants for the first time to be at home with their children and acquire applicable knowledge from the comfort of their own home.

Today, in a changed world where we have all been forced to adapt quickly to new conditions, none of us could have expected how quickly our new distance learning platform would become necessary. The project, which we started in the middle of last year, was realized today and we are pleased to present our new platform for distance learning - Callidus Academy. With the Academy we go a step further and provide even more benefits to our participants.

The new platform, called the Callidus Academy, is easier to use and brings new and better features:

  • contains clear and interesting teaching materials,
  • recorded video lectures,
  • space for interactive communication of participants of the same education,
  • possibility of notification,
  • knowledge quizzes,
  • online live video lectures and more

These benefits allow us to offer to most of our participants a complete comfort of 100% online distance learning, regardless of whether they access it via mobile phone, tablet or computer. For educational programs, such as trainings for 3D technologies, we have left the possibility for our students to access trainings, especially in cases where it is necessary to access professional equipment or to experience first-hand 3D printing technologies.